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6 Up-and-Coming Local Musicians You Need to Know

Music has been a constant companion these past months and it actually gave a boost for local musicians to showcase what they have to offer. With social gatherings banned and with “hanging-out” labelled as a non-essential activity, most places with live music closed down  and musicians alike have to find other stages to perform. 

Through livestream and online concerts, there are several artists who caught a lot of attention from us who are desperate to find sanity in a world put to stop by this pandemic- and their music came through. 

Here are six local musicians who are too good to miss out!

Shane Lumanog

Shane is not just a Kapampangan lass from Angeles City. Her entrancing voice matches well with her storytelling through music. Listening to her song Acacia directs you to another world where everything feels safe albeit temporary, especially in the embrace of someone you love. You’d love playing her music on a lazy Saturday afternoon or warm Sunday morning. She’s an advocate for Kapampangan culture so you’ll find most of her songs written in the language. 

Check Shane Lumanog’s music here:

The Archimedes

They started like the typical, high-school clique who wanted to create and play good music together, but if you get a good jab of their music- typical becomes rare and exceptional. They started releasing songs this year, with Linaw as their debut song and Sad Reality. The band, comprising four gentlemen, describes their music as “changing” as they don’t stick to one genre. Be as it is, their songs are perfect companions for road trips or whether you’re dancing alone in your room with beer on hand. 

Check the Archimedes music here:

Healy After Dark

This indie-pop musician just gathers all the unsaid emotions and puts them in one song. Healy After Dark narrates melancholy and brokenness on his songs (covers and original) without their weight. You get broken hearted and healed at the same time. His singles, Life Ain’t Always Funny and Here’s Another Sad Song feels like riding a cloud– light but soon enough you feel like you want to pour some rain. The moment you start listening to one song, you just can’t help but listen to another one… and another one. 

Check Healy After Dark music here:


Literally means “Go down and up” or “Baba-Akyat”, this band and their local Kapampangan music is a creation of the Lacap brothers from Macabebe, Pampanga. Their songs range from novelty jams such as Kaku Ka Pa to emotive lyrics such as Balanak and Uman Mu Na Ku which derived inspiration from Kapampangan words and metaphors. If you’re new to local music of Pampanga, it’s TipaManik that you should start with. 

Check TipaManik’s music here:

France Siopongco

The man behind France Music, this local artist surely knows how to make your harbored feelings go out in the open. Make sure to bring a jacket, because his cold-deep-romantic voice would just make you curl up for warmth be it Tagalog or Kapampangan songs. His original I Love You’s to Heaven which was dedicated to a friend’s mom, just shows how his songs have souls. 

Check France Music here:

Wayne Cuevas

Have you experienced hearing a song so many times but then someone sings it and suddenly you feel like you’re just hearing the song for the first time? Well that’s how you would describe Wayne Cuevas’ music. He may give you a good boy next-door vibe, but you’d love to have him come over any day just to play songs. His rendition of Paolo Santos’ Moonlight Over Paris seals the deal when we say: “Kanyaman ing lulugud” (Loving feels good)

Check Wayne Cuevas’ music here:

Now there might be more out there, but definitely these local musicians are good stepping points for you getting to know the local music scene. Plug in those earphones and enjoy!

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