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Celebrate Pride at these LGBTQ+ Friendly Food Hangouts near Clark

There are some food establishments that truly showcase how they value inclusivity, acceptance and fight for equality not just by simply producing special menu items or donation campaigns for the LGBTQ+ community but showing they are an ally by providing a safe space for those who continue to fight under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

In recent years, the restaurant and cafe world grew abundant with queer people, and they are being increasingly recognized. So supporting the LGBTQ+ community is only natural as employees, customers and patrons are all undoubtedly connected to it in some fashion. 

Here are five food hang outs you can definitely show and get some love this month of pride! 

BangBang MilkT 

Love out loud! 

This is what Pampanga’s ‘most famous milk tea’ place is shouting out to the peeps on the back for the LGBTQ+ community as it celebrates pride month. Try out their array of T series from Bang Bang Tiger drinks to Fruit T ones. Accompany that with their local flavors of snacks such as fries, street food choices, nachos, pasta and more. 

Visit their main location along Fil-Am Friendship Highway in Angeles City. 

Need to know more? Visit their facebook page here:

Photo Credit: BangBang Milk T Main – Friendship Facebook page

Casa Tigre

They wouldn’t call it ‘house of harmony’ for nothing. 

This pub already spells inclusivity, freedom, and love for recreating oneself. Top of the line food and drinks, plus an ambiance where you can be no stranger. Casa Tigre alone creates a safe space for not only LGBTQI+ individuals but for anyone who wants to freely express his/her uniqueness and individuality. 

Get a vibe and check their Facebook page:

Photo Credit: Casa Tigre Facebook page

Niji Japanese Food Restaurant


You don’t need a Otoko-machi Map with this one. As colorful as their japanese food offerings are, this japanese themed resto is just around the rainbow corner. Your favorite sashimi, maki, sushi, and ramen are just a few of how you can go full at this pride-friendly food spot. 

Experience a different oriental flavor that will match the queer in you. Check their place along Don Juico Avenue in Clarkview subdivision or visit their Facebook page at

Photo Credit: Niji Japanese Restaurant Facebook page

QuickPlay Café 

What can you say about a quick game of badminton and a nice refreshing pride month drink? This humble café is located at QuickPlay Badminton Centre. The place advocates for LGBTQ+ community through sports and leisure with their tagline- “Be You Whom You’ve Loved The Most.”

Bring the pride crowd and have a good match and celebrate with their signature Pink Splash drink available throughout pride month. 

You can visit them at the Hardicourt Bldg. along Magalang Road in Angeles City or check their social media at

Photo Credit: QuickPlay Badminton Centre Facebook page

Siam Station

It wouldn’t be pride month without a dose of Boy’s Love (BL) in the activities.

Visit this Thai BL themed merchandise and drink shop and you’ll find yourself in the mood for Pink Milk or Thai Nom Yen. Get to check accessories, food items, and more that you often see on your favorite BL series and reminisce on the favorite series that inspired you to embrace your identity and believe that true love wins regardless of gender and beliefs. 

Have a glimpse of their offerings, Siam Station is located at Lorenza Roman Bldg. Magalang Road in Angeles City. Visit their Facebook page to browse collectible items and their awesome in-store events as well-

Photo Credit: Siam Station Facebook page

Now Pride Month celebration does not limit itself on going to places that are LGBTQ+ friendly or establishments that paints queer culture in their tables and doorsteps. These places continue to advocate for all that pride month truly meant, the battle for equality and not simple tolerance and to protest the one-sided view on love that is supposed to be unconditional and all-encompassing. 

Enjoy! Celebrate! But never forget to live its truths! 

Gerone Baladhay
Gerone Baladhay
Gerone is a freelance writer, editor and writing coach. He is a spoken word artist and author of a chapbook called "Burarul". He loves traveling with his second-hand Toyota 2013 vioz. A fan of pizza, anime, all that is Kapampangan, the beach, mountains, BL series, and the oxford comma.
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