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Add these Affirming Mantras to your New Year’s Resolution List

Yes, fitness goals and self-love are definitely on the list — but the best resolutions often enrich your emotional health and outlook towards life and with others.

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to welcome another year with a hopeful heart. Each year, this recurring theme holds promises for a healthy lifestyle, improving how to handle finances, and learning new things for professional and personal development. 

Everyone desires to have significant and positive changes in their lives as another year will start to paint the blank canvas. Indeed, you want to ramp up this year too!  

Success in achieving these goals starts with the desire to resolve some areas in your life and change the unwanted attitude, behavior, or trait, and it is a good start to kick off 2023. Brace yourself for these top 6 new things you can add to your resolution goals as another year is about to take over. 

Self-Affirmation and Appreciation

Start with this, face in a mirror, with a firm conviction, say to yourself, “I am amazingly beautiful.”

Viewing yourself with great importance and gratitude is a big yes to 2023. Positive self-talk will increase confidence and appreciation. As others say, “self-love” is taking good care of yourself above others. However, true self-love affirms that despite your imperfections and flaws, you still embrace yourself wholeheartedly when others don’t.  

Don’t let the sun go down without saying positive things about who you are. 

Start Your Day with a Grateful Heart

There is a saying that joy doesn’t make you grateful, but gratitude that will make you joyful. 

A positive mindset can usher great things. For instance, start your day appreciating the people around you. Cherish the brand new day to begin again. Seeing good things against unwanted situations is an advantage over others. Imagine, when everything is chaotic, and out of control, you are at ease because you know everything happens for a reason.  

Discover New Safe Haven

Find your happy place inside your home or go out and explore!

Everyone has a comfort zone they keep rediscovering, and yours might be your room, a new cafe over the next street, a local library or somewhere in your house where you can paint or collect plants. 

Personal space is good, but it would be nicer if you dared to go out in your safe place. There’s a lot of new astonishing sanctuary you might discover if you learn to step out even a little. Once a month, try to go outside all by yourself. It’s not that you are looking for a new place to spend your spare time, but you are trying to train your mind to look for relaxation on your own, and of course, to be independent.

Make Someone Smile 

Every day, choose someone you want to make happy. It can be your family, friends, someone special, or even a stranger you pass by. 

The smiles of the people you love can bring significant change to your life. Think of someone you want to witness their magnificent smile today. Then think of a gimmick you can offer or do to make them happy. Giving them a simple gift, pouncing positive words, or just appreciating their existence dramatically impacts them. In this way, you are not only making others happy but making yourself joyful too. 

Conquer your Fear

If you want to grow in every aspect of your life, then face the giant of fear. Don’t let that fear take over you to discover new and beautiful things. Instead, do what you don’t want to do. 

Face you don’t want to face. Make a habit of rebuking fear as much as possible. 

Train your mind to be confident in yourself. When you do this, your mental and morals will develop. Start by believing small things matter in achieving tremendous success. Once you eliminate this fear, new and fresh opportunities will chase you. 

As you make your new year’s resolutions list, motivate yourself to achieve your heart’s desires. You may encounter situations where you feel discouraged to press on, but you may only focus on what can be. Instead, focus on the things you can improve and push through. 

Stand still and focus on your goals. Don’t let the undesirable situation and other people stop what you want to become. You are just halfway to the better version of yourself. You are the main character of your story. Be confident and feel beautiful always. 

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