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Plantitos and Plantitas Unite!

Last August, local officials gave away goods and vegetable seeds to 150,00 families during the series of relief operations over the past few months. The variety of seeds included ampalaya (bitter gourd), okra (ladies finger), pechay (snow cabbage) and mustasa (mustard). The distribution of seeds were supervised under the Luntiang sa Barangay Lingap Project of the local government. This project encourages the residents of Angeles City to grow their own crops which can help a lot in terms of food security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fast forward to almost 20 days later, are you finally seeing the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor? Did this project of the local government spark the Plantito/Plantita within you? Show us some pictures of your #PlantProgress in the comments section below!

Labelle is an advertising graduate, a storyteller, and a creative. Like most Gen Z, she navigates adulthood with the help of Youtube videos, tries to find humor in everything and takes life seriously ONLY when it is absolutely essential. Check out her creative outlets here: | Vernice Deem on Flickr
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