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Excel in Social Media Planning with Emerge

Filipinos are frequent users of social media platforms; it has become an integral part of people’s lives and daily routines. And as we transition into a better new normal, most people still prefer to work from home using their gadgets and engage in online activities. What exactly does this mean for Philippine businesses?

Entrepreneurs used the internet, mainly social media marketing, to keep up with the changes. Different trends emerged, and many online businesses popped up on Facebook and Instagram. However, competition has been fierce, making it difficult to stand out. Therefore, companies must have a solid social presence to connect with their target audiences. 

Emerge, a full-service digital and creative marketing agency, has worked with growing businesses and established companies. Emerge’s efforts are grounded in their “Digital First” approach- showcased through their Survive and Thrive Webinar Series, where they share their expertise, experiences, and tips in digital marketing via Facebook live. Last October 27, 2021, Ms. Fenina Gerero, Emerge’s Jr. Brands and Communications Specialist, discussed their second Survive and Thrive webinar titled “A Beginners’ Guide to Social Media Planning.”

The webinar touched on the initial steps behind diving into digital marketing and how this has helped stay afloat in a pandemic while also laying the groundwork for long-term success in brands’ digital presence. Ms. Fenina Gerero provided a glimpse into the complete step-by-step process of formulating an effective social media strategy, along with the essential practices required for it.

Ms. Gerero emphasized that social media planning is a continuous and interconnected process that involves planning, execution, and reviewing outcomes. There will be many roadblocks along the way, but a real social media manager must be adaptable and flexible to these changes.

With all of this in mind, be aware that bringing your business online is a commitment that requires consistency, quality, & value. If you notice yourself not enjoying what you do on social media, maybe it’s time to reassess and start to outsource. 

Due to the number of industries disrupted by the pandemic, Ms. Fenina emphasized that going digital makes things more convenient for traditionally non-online initiatives to reach more people, like bookstores and libraries, hospitals, and the agricultural sector encouraged to delve into digital marketing. Despite the challenges to stand out in the online world, it’s still better to take the opportunity to establish strong online visibility. After all, we are already in the digital age, and it is here to stay.

Have a hard time maintaining your online presence? Get in touch on their social media channels: Facebook /getemerge & on Instagram. Make digital marketing uncomplicated for your growing brand and discuss with them your social media goals by booking an appointment on their website

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