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City of San Fernando Pampanga to Host Central Luzon Book and Readers Congress 2023

The City Tourism Office, the CSFP Arts, Culture, and Tourism Council, the University of the Assumption Cinense Library, and SM City Pampanga are proud to announce the Central Luzon Book and Readers Congress 2023, which will be held on April 19-21, 2023 at the Global Fashion Wing, SM City Pampanga.

The congress aims to promote reading and a love for books among the youth, foster a community of readers and lifelong learners, and support the professional development of teachers, librarians, and other professionals. Furthermore, it seeks to encourage collaboration, partnership, and networking among booksellers, publishers, aggregators, book vendors, and service providers of various information resources.

The event will include free talks and lectures at Cinema 1 on a variety of topics relevant to school administrators, teachers, students, and staff. The book fair, which runs from April 19 to 21, will also allow attendees to buy books and other reading materials. Senior High School students can also compete in essay writing, creative writing, and digital art contests.

“We strongly believe that instilling a love of reading and giving our students the opportunity to participate in events like the Central Luzon Book and Readers Congress 2023 is critical to their preparation for becoming competent and successful professionals in the real world,” said one of the organizers, Roilingel P. Calilung.

“Students can develop their critical thinking skills, broaden their knowledge base, and expand their worldview by immersing themselves in literature and participating in discussions with fellow book enthusiasts,” Calilung continued. “Exploring the vast resources available in libraries and engaging with various forms of literature can also assist students in navigating complex situations, honing problemsolving skills, and cultivating the ability to collaborate with others.”

The Congress is also proud to have collaborated with organizations and groups such as Akademyang Kapampangan (AKKAP), Inc., Beyond Books Publication, Philippine Librarians Association, Inc-Central Luzon Region Librarians Council, Central Luzon Digital Library Consortium, and Paper Soul.

Because lecture and talk slots are limited, attendees are encouraged to register early to ensure a spot. Registration is free and can be done at The three-day Congress will conclude with a performance and open mic hosted by the Paper Soul.

Please contact and for more information. The organizers hope to see everyone at the Central Luzon Book and Readers Congress 2023.

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