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8 Romantic Get-Aways for Valentine’s Day That Spell Forever

What’s a better way to show that special someone how special they are for Valentine’s Day, than to whisk them away from everything for a romantic dinner or unforgettable weekend? Besides, time spent doing something (or nothing) together, alongside good food, good view, and good company is similar to saying- “I want to spend all my days with you.”

Whether you’ve been together for three months or three decades, it’s no secret that coming up with some great Valentine’s Day ideas can be stressful. That’s true in normal times—but perhaps even more so amid the new normal. 

So let us help you find a romantic, safe, right, up and ready getaway to bring your special someone for the V day!

  1. Bella Montana (Sacobia, Bamban)

Imagine this: the two of you, holding hands with the majestic Mt. Arayat as a background, as the sun rises it warms your faces, welcoming a new day together. At this quaint farm, everything suddenly seems right and the promise of tomorrow is certain. 

Any couple would love to have a moment of their own. This farm, tucked away in the foothills of Sacobia, Bamban will definitely give you a romantic space for you to create good memories of each other. 

Contact #: 0995-133-4781

Photo Credit: Bella Montana Farm
  1. Cafe Serendipitale (Angeles City, Pampanga)

This cafe’s open roof design just makes you want to dine and dance under the starry skies like there’s no one around but the two of you. Set a romantic date here while enjoying good food and drinks (they really have this good cheese cake) plus an atmosphere that just simply freezes time and let’s the two of you on suspension. 

Did you know it’s the first dental cafe in Pampanga as well? It’s attached to the Smile Designer Avenue clinic which uses state of the art tech for their dental services. And they said dental health and sweets can’t be friends? Ain’t that neat! 

Plan ahead, maybe even get dental care before the date 😉 

Facebook: /
Instagram: cafe.serendipitale /

Photo Credit: Cafe Serendipitale
  1. Gintung Pakpak Ecopark (Arayat, Pampanga)

What could be as romantic as trekking the mountain side with your special someone beside you. If you guys are into hiking and nature then the New Gintong Pakpak has a place for you. The path you’ll both trek might be hard but the view will always be worth it. 

Last year this retreat and nature park opened new featured spots for photoshoots and viewing. Any lovebirds would cherish breathtaking views of the Pampanga plains and lush forest of the mountain.

Contact #: 0921-889-2626

Photo Credit: New Gintung Pakpak

  1. Nesh-V Farm (Capas, Tarlac)

They said flowers are a girl’s best friend. This love month, bring her to this farm in Capas, Tarlac and wander through carpets of colorful and vivid flowers she’ll surely love. You can even get her a bouquet of Sunflowers at the spot. 

There is no corner in this farm that is not gram worthy. Take as many pictures as you want together, enough to keep for memories worth treasuring. 

Contact #: 0927-392-0375

Photo Credit: Nevicshky Calma
  1. Ernesto’s Kitchen + Bar (Sta. Ana, Pampanga)

Want a classic date but with a nostalgic atmosphere? Ernesto’s Kitchen + Bar is found in the quiet town of Sta. Ana, west of the North Luzon Expressway. 

Many find its solitary ambience a good place for delicious dine and personal conversations with your loved one. Couples often see their stay as an idiomatic experience, filling up moments with reminiscence and soaking stories from the past, present and future. 

Contact #: 0966-169-4590

Photo Credit: Ernesto’s Kitchen + Bar
  1. Tibby’s Farm (Angeles City, Pampanga)

Now this place may not be the typical couple’s get-away, but if you two are into organic and urban farming; you might want to check Tibby’s farm. This newly-renovated facility has lodgings and a cafe (boasting decadent cake selection– the chocolate cake is a must try) where any couple would surely enjoy a good Valentine’s date with nature. 

Calling it farmcation, this EAT (Education, Accommodation, and Tourism) facility in Angeles City which promotes responsible and sustainable agriculture, is host to many types of activities such as camping, fruit picking, animal-petting, learn farm designs, and relax at the gazebo-style lodgings.


Photo Credit: Vinvalencia
  1. Art House Pizza (Capas, Tarlac)

They say love is art, what better way but go on a date where you and your special someone can bring out the artist in you while enjoying authentic flavors of pizza and pasta. This humble resto-cafe is owned by a photographer and self-confessed visual artist, evident with his gallery wall literally crawling with his paintings and art deco. 

Moreover, you get to taste pasta and pizza made from fresh ingredients (Don’t forget to try their house blended drinks). Owing to the warm and cozy space, any couple would feel they’re in another country at Art House. 

Instagram: arthousepizza
Contact #: 0929-512-4431

Photo Credit: Gibsam Photo
  1. Gazebo View Park (Sacobia, Bamban)

An overnight stay, chill air, starry skies, while camped out at the mountains with your better half. Conveniently located at the Bamban plateau, this campsite and park has been a couple’s haven because of its romantic views and features. 

Escape the city and find yourself at home in the peaceful and relaxing air of the mountains. The year may have been full of uncertainties but make certain memories at this place with the one you want to share memories with in the future. 

Contact #: 0920-402-5537

Photo Credit: Gazebo View Park

In planning moments worth treasuring, sometimes those that are simple and nearest are enough if you’re  looking not with your eyes. Go for places and people that recreate small moments into pieces forever.

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