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6 Home Revamps for the Summer

Summer is here, and as the weather heats up, our electric bill will be on the rise with all the air conditioning and electric fans trying to cool your house. But there are simple ways to help you buffer your home from the sweltering heat that will help you save money and enjoy a cool, lasting atmosphere during the summer months. 

  1. Change Curtains

Before going for “cool” colors, let’s break the myth. Not because your curtains have blue, white or green plumage means they will definitely make the room cooler, another factor to check is what material your curtains are made of. 

Curtains made of cotton allows proper air circulation, keeping the room cool and breathable. If you get a chance to buy a new set, go for thermal ones, with two layers and triple-woven fabric; they come in various colors to match your interior- even dark colored ones can give off that cooling feeling. 

Photo Credit: Andrea Hannah.
  1. Bring in the Greenery

Plants are natural air-coolants. But not all plants are suitable for indoor living. For the living room, invest in Snake Plant, Anthurium, ZZ Plant, Miniature Palm, Rubber Tree, or Peace Lily, while Pothos are great for cabinet tops and high spots. Cool your bedroom with Lavender, Cactus or Succulents (window side for sunlight), Spider Plant, or Maranta. Get an orchid for the bathroom and fresh herbs for the kitchen. 

It is important to note that these should not be used for indoor shade. Place them near light sources such as windows and terrace doors. 

Photo Credit: Charles Demoine.
  1. Build Up Shade

Familiar with awnings? These are rooflike covers extending over a particular part of a house. Nowadays, there are retractable ones you can simply hang on the porch or large windows to give shade and to avoid sunlight getting in a part of your house. 

These are perfect if you also want to enjoy the fresh air outside but don’t want to be burned from the day’s heat. You can buy budget-friendly one’s online or create your own with old used tarpaulins. 

Photo Credit: Trevor Coolidge.
  1. Cook Outdoors

Most homes in the Philippines have an outdoor annex room for cooking called a “dirty kitchen.” But for those who have settled for a fixed indoor kitchen, you might want to rethink outdoor cooking schemes such as grilling or cooking over charcoal. Not only does it devoid your home from the smell but the additional heat produced by all the food cooked.

  1. Use Ceiling Fan (The Right Way)

Apart from the standard stand fan, most homes have wall and ceiling fans to bring in the room’s air. In summer times, fans are sure to be on level 4 airpower, but did you know that ceiling fans are more appropriate for good room air circulation and cool the room if used the right way? 

A ceiling fan should rotate counterclockwise in the summer, so the blades push cooler air down in a column; this is the best ceiling fan direction for air conditioning since it makes the air feel cooler than it is.

  1. Get “Cool” Decors

Believe it or not, some ornaments help create a cool vibe inside your house. If you’re a fan of painting, replacing them with images that portray the sky, beach, or anything with a blue and white palette adds an airiness to space. For static decorations, those made of wood- especially rattan or bamboo are proven to beat the hot temperature as the materials are natural thermal absorbers. If you’re sporting throw pillows, go for those with buckwheat rather than feathers or cotton. 

It is advisable not to put out any decors with metal or plastic components and limit decor display. 

Now you have a few more ways to keep your house cool and cut your bills this summer. This list just might do you some good when it comes to minimizing the heat in your home, simple as they are, they definitely work extraordinarily well and for a long-term effect. 


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