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The Medical City Clark Wins Gold in 2020 Asian Hospital Management Awards

CLARK FREEPORT—The Medical City Clark has added another feather to its cap. In addition to being ISO 9001-2015 certified, TMC Clark won the Gold Award in the Brand and Marketing Campaign category of the 2020 Asian Hospital Management Awards for its “A Safe Zone for All Patients” Campaign.

The Asian Hospital Management Awards is a prestigious ceremony that recognizes and honors hospitals in the Asia Pacific Region. 

Running alongside the Hospital Management Asia conference, it is the most prominent management awards in the region. There are 13 award categories to demonstrate the innovative and progressive approach that hospitals across the region are doing to improve healthcare.

TMC Clark participated in the Brand and Marketing Campaign Category, which recognizes innovative branding and marketing campaign that led to increased awareness of the hospital. This includes the use of traditional and online marketing tools to improve visibility, brand recognition, and revenue.

The hospital beat 200 other entries submitted by 89 hospitals based in 16 countries in the same category. The judges for the Brand and Marketing Campaign Category were Dr. Sandhya Mudumdar from the Joint Commission International and formerly of the National University Hospital, who was the chairman; Dr. Widyatusti Wibisono of the Indonesia Hospital Association, PERSI; and Dr. Mohamed Hamdy of Al Salama Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

TMC Clark’s “A Safe Zone for All Patients” campaign was the hospital’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has kept people away from hospitals. Even if they already need medical attention for their non-COVID 19 ailments, it is the fear of contracting the COVID-19 virus that is keeping them from going to the hospital to seek medical consults. This fear has also failed to make people realize that if they delay or leave their condition unchecked, they are putting their lives at risk.

The overall goal of the “A Safe Zone for All Patients” campaign is to bring the patients back to the hospital. To achieve this goal, TMC Clark came up with campaigns that informed the public of the measures that were undertaken to make the hospital safe, not only for the healthcare workers but, more importantly, for the patient.

The campaigns focused on three areas:

 1. To promote the implementation of safe zones in the hospital, which showcased the infection and safety protocols that the hospital implemented to make the hospital safe for patients. The hospital came up with patient education videos that started with a whole new world video, a video about the new normal practices and operation protocols.

2. An information dissemination campaign telling patients not to delay their health and to visit their doctors. The campaign focused on the protocols that the hospital has adopted to entice the patients to return to the hospital. 

3. To promote the new normal services that the hospital came up with as an answer to the “call of the times.” These services are teleconsultation, laboratory on wheels, my results online, rapid tasking, and RT-PCR testing, virtual diabetes and nutrition services consultation. These services can be availed of without having to visit the hospital.

The campaigns were conducted at the height of the community quarantine in Pampanga and in the nearby provinces. With people forced to stay home with more free time, TMC Clark saw this as an opportunity to conduct these campaigns online, primarily through Facebook, through videos, posts about the new normal services being offered, and constant reminders to not delay their health and to visit their doctors when the need arises.“

This Gold Award comes on the heels of the hospital’s ISO 9001: 2015 certification. We are grateful that despite these challenges, we were able to rise and achieve all this, all for the quality care and the safety of our patients. We will truly treasure this award because it was given during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Almario G. Jabson, TMC Clark President and CEO, during his acceptance speech.

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