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Emerge Marks 8 Years of Commitment to Excellence

On January 26, 2024, EmergeLocal Inc. commemorated its eighth anniversary with the theme “Celebrating Eight Years of Commitment to Excellence”. The occasion also marked the official launch of their Corporate Social Responsibility program, called Emerging Hands. 

As part of the celebration, the company spent an afternoon giving back to the community at Noah’s Ark. The event was followed by a night of recognition and dinner to celebrate the milestone.

Emerging Hands at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter

Emerging Hands is Emerge’s official corporate social responsibility initiative. For its first CSR activity, the Emergians visited Noah’s Ark Dog and Cat Shelter in Mabalacat, Pampanga. The shelter started as a backyard project by Ms. Leah, the owner,  in 2018. 

The employees and executives donated essential items that would benefit the 150 dogs and cats sheltered in Noah’s Ark. Following the donation, Ms. Leah gave the team a tour of the shelter, introducing them to injured and abandoned dogs and cats. 

“Our “Emerging Hands: Heart for Paws” program contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Life on Land. Through volunteering at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter, we strive to sustain the diversity and save the lives of vulnerable cats and dogs,” Emerge CEO and Founder Mr. Richard Normor says.

Emerge has recently undergone a revision of its company core values, and as a result, the organization has added social responsibility as one of its core values. Being socially responsible is now considered a fundamental aspect of what it means to be a true Emergian.

“We recently added the core value of being champions of social responsibility as we need to look beyond doing business and helping out the community in different ways.” Mr. Jimmar Merino, Director of Marketing and Client Services at Emerge, says. 

8th Anniversary Dinner and Awards Night

Later that evening, the team had a company dinner at Rustica Restaurant to celebrate the anniversary with the theme Celebrating Eight Years of Commitment to Excellence.

When asked what excellence means to the team and the company, Mr. Merino says, “Being committed to greatness in what we do. Excellence is in the company’s blood as one of the core values, so being committed to it just adds up to the perfect recipe for a fully functional and reliable team.”

After dinner, the Emergians headed to Coffee Bay for games and an awards ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by the People and Culture team, Ms. Cielo Velasquez and Ms. Sheina Malonzo, and some of the members were recognized for their dedication and hard work at the company. 

Mr. Kim Martinez and Ms. Cielo Velasquez were recognized for their outstanding contributions to Emerge. Mr. Martinez received the Kudos Champion award for exceptional help to colleagues, while Ms. Velasquez was named the Core Values Champion for embodying Emerge’s core values.

“Excellence is our cornerstone. Upskilling fuels our team while we boldly challenge the status quo. We refuse to be dictated by trends; instead, we shape them through innovation and a client-first mentality.” said Mr. Noromor. 

Over the past eight years, Emerge has shown a solid dedication to achieving continuous growth and success. This dedication has enabled the company to expand its market reach and better serve its growing customer base across multiple regions.

“Our expansion plan into new territories is further fueling this growth. Additionally, we are committed to solidifying our processes and launching proprietary tools to continuously improve the client experience,” Mr. Noromor says.

Emerge has introduced a new approach to digital marketing called omnichannel marketing, which involves developing comprehensive digital strategies encompassing all relevant channels. 

“Embracing the future, we transition from digital-first to a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. This positions us as the trusted partner for Philippine MSMEs, offering holistic digital strategies across all relevant channels,” added Mr. Noromor. 

For more information about Emerge and its award-winning digital marketing solutions, you may reach their Revenue Operations team at and discover how Emerge can elevate your business’s digital presence. 

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