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Emerge: How Healthcare Services Survive and Thrive in the New Normal

Digital marketing has breathed a new life in the healthcare industry by strengthening the visibility of hospital services through various online platforms and building connections in the digital space beyond the usual local reach. 

Hospitals’ marketing teams have their work cut out for them this year, primarily upon the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Even though fast-pacing and adaptability are nothing new to the work of healthcare marketing specialists, it has never felt quite like this. 

COVID-19 has created tremendous uncertainty, economic instability, and social volatility. Locally, nationally, and globally, healthcare is both top of mind and upturned.

It’s in these situations that a digital marketing agency such as Emerge, the leading Pampanga-based digital marketing and solutions provider, advocates on the “digital-first in the new normal” mindset. 

It’s a call and movement to push various sectors, groups, brands, companies, and institutions, especially healthcare organizations, to embrace digital fully. 

This August, the agency launched its Survive and Thrive webinar series that shares current insights, trends, practical tips and tricks on transforming digital presence. 

The first of the series focused on healthcare institutions. 

Participants include digital marketing specialists, graphic designers, copywriters, and marketing professionals from Pampanga, Pangasinan, and Bulacan, including those from The Medical City Clark. 

Speaker and Emerge’s home-grown digital marketer Jimmar Merino tackled various topics like understanding patient perspective and patient-hospital connection, credible data and information drive, effective utilization of social media, graphics and videos, content strategy, and monitoring social presence. 

“Digital marketing can help you survive and thrive; we have been helping businesses grow sales, raise awareness, and help build people’s trust in them. It will always be useful, now and always,” Merino pointed out.

Participants were urged in the discussions and online Q&A to further their comprehension of the talk. A raffle, courtesy of Emerge and its media partner Metro Clark Guide, culminated the webinar. 

The webinar is the first of several series launched and made available for netizens for free. The next online talk will cater to food and restaurant brands and businesses and how digital marketing can help them “survive and thrive” in the new normal. 

Connect with Emerge through email: or call at 0949-993-9045. Visit their website at

Gerone Baladhay
Gerone Baladhay
Gerone is a freelance writer, editor and writing coach. He is a spoken word artist and author of a chapbook called "Burarul". He loves traveling with his second-hand Toyota 2013 vioz. A fan of pizza, anime, all that is Kapampangan, the beach, mountains, BL series, and the oxford comma.
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