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5 Spots in Clark that Remind us of our Exes

A token to this sprawling, cosmopolitan metropolis that is etched with little but worthwhile memories- long winding roads, old trees that have seen so much, duty-free shopping, imported beers, first kiss, and yeah, first heartbreaks. 

I don’t have a clear image of Clark growing up- most mental snapshots are just educational tours to Nayong Pilipino, ending with mid-afternoon lunch at the picnic grounds. But back then, I always saw it as empty. Full of graying buildings and factories, which all looked the same. I can’t even distinguish abandoned ones from those still being used.  

But later on, Clark somehow got a makeover. Life, especially night-life, crept bit by bit, and the sad speck of land between Angeles City, Mabalacat, and Porac got an identity- a motif, color, and a spirit. 

Finally, Clark is entirely its own space. Yet, the problem with spaces meant new spots for old and new memories to linger, the silver lining? Clark gave these new memories identities we can all relate to and learn from.

  1. Fontana  

C’mon, who does not know Fontana? You have that classmate who has an aunt or uncle who has membership and reserved a villa to celebrate his/her overnight birthday party. For once, you feel like an adult, no parental supervision, independent, hanging out with friends, drinking, and taking a moment to talk to your crush while everyone is at the pool. It’s a perfect place for everything that is first: first kiss, first talk, or first confession, but not “last” things. 

  1. Berthaphil

“Saan tayo” (Where should we go?)

“Ewan, ikaw saan mo gusto?” (I don’t know, Where do you like?)


You then get some coffee at Starbucks or grab a quick dinner at some fast food place. We all know “Saan Tayo” is a code for “Let’s go somewhere nothing is happening, not much of a crowd, so I can get to know you better,” Berthaphil is that place you’d often think to avoid going home and when you have nowhere else to go but still want something to happen. Like a spark, a short memory with your loved one, something to see on your Facebook memories five years later, when you guys are back to being strangers. 

  1. Bicentennial and Acacia Park

I often wonder why they have separate names; I mean, both parks are overgrown with Acacia trees. This stretch of Clark Air Base is more intimate and private, compared to the picnic grounds near the Mabalacat gates. This would be a nice place to go to after realizing how expensive some of the restaurants nearby are. You’d just have McDonald’s drive-thru nearby, find a cool spot under the trees, share burgers and fries. I guess who cares if the places are named separately- separations don’t matter when you share the same things. 

  1. McDonald’s NXTGEN 

“Lagi na lang ako nanlilibre, ikaw naman!” 

(I’m always the one buying the food, treat me dinner for a change!)

That’s how it goes when you accompany your co-worker/co-relationship-with going home, and he/she ended up buying you dinner every night. You find it funny since you’ve never seen it as dating, just a casual meal. So, you saved up money and took overtime for your next paycheck, and finally– you send a text, you go out, take him/her to McDonald’s NXTGEN– with a full bragging smile — “Geh, order ka! Sagot ko!” (Go ahead, order what you want, my treat!)

  1. Old Clark Hospital

Would you believe Google Maps actually labeled it as Old Clark Haunted Hospital? Well, we did get curious back then. It was Halloween, and you just got back from visiting each other’s relatives. A bright idea comes in to check out the haunted place. You’re slightly nervous but at the same time want to prove what a stupid idea it was. You survive. That night you sleep thinking there aren’t any ghosts. But years later– you suddenly realize ghosts were real, you were with one, and “it” still haunts you today.

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