2,997 Tablets Given to Public School Teachers in Angeles City

Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. is providing 2,997 tablets to public school teachers in Angeles City to aid them in transitioning to online schooling this school year.

The original plan was to distribute 55,000 tablets to Grade 4 – Grade 12 students in 52 public schools in Angeles City only, but realizing the significant role teachers play to make online learning a success, The City also decided to donate 2,997 tablets to public school teachers, too.

It is a difficult time for every student to adjust to the “New Normal” way of learning, but know that educators nation wide are also adapting to these changes, too. Even during the crisis, many are innovating, finding new approaches to keep kids learning.

National Teacher’s Day Celebration was celebrated yesterday. How did you show your appreciation to your teachers?

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