Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Reliable Mass Transport System: The Clark Loop

The Clark Loop is the first bus rapid transit system offering free rides and considered to be the primary mode for mass transportation inside Clark. The Clark Loop has served 75,000 passengers and more with exclusive buses for frontline workers during the lockdown period in March.

The Clark Loop is jointly operated by BCDA and CDC with a network that is anchored on smart operations and maintenance. This bus-based public transport system offers a free ride to encourage the greater population to embrace the concept of smart city mobility.

“Thank you The BCDA Group and Clark Development Corporation through Clark Loop for providing transport service to all the Locators of Clark especially those who find daily commuting a challenge this trying time of the pandemic. Here’s hoping for extended operating hours, and schedules be religiously observed and NOT cut short.” commented by Paul Lorenzo Guzman on The BCDA Group Facebook post.

Photo Courtesy: The BCDA Group
Video Courtesy: jorgesyofficial

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